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The Healing Power of Planetary Metals in Anthroposophic and Homeopathic Medicine https://amzn.eu/d/cVCIdRQ

What else can I say? 🙏

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My late wife Alison Davidson wrote this book on Kolisko's work, Metal Power, published 1991


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You shook the few marbles I have left, and I can only afford to offer my two cents. Omnicentric (c) ; )(Omniscient symbiotic consciousness) 0ccured to me. Also, the hybrid Astral, Solar, symbiotic/synergetic, cognizable/incognizable influences in flux, and the relation between spheres of motion and emotion frees up more space for prognostication, which by exercising, developing, and evolving our sensory apparatus to meta sensory sensitivity, the devices of measurement and interface we now use will seem crude, inefficient, and obsolete. Of course, with the necessary calibrations. Just babbling, LOL!!! Thanx Thomas!

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